Day 1 Arrival Addis Ababa and transfer to the Hotel, city tour

A representative from welcomes you on your arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and transfer to hotel. After refreshment, city tour of Addis Ababa. O/n/Hotel.

Day 2 Addis Ababa-Jimma

Heading west of Addis Ababa you will be driving 330 kms to Jimma. You will stop at Walkite for lunch. En route we will be visiting the Gurage and Oromo people and their beautiful villages. On the way you cross the magnificent and picturesque Gibe gorge and the Gibe River. After driving through coffee and chat plantation, you will be in Jimma for an overnight stay in Welde Argaw hotel. Jimma was the capital of the former Keffa province. It is in this region that the coffee beans  originated for the first time by a shepherd. Now Jimma is inhibited by Oromo, Kefecho and Kulo people.O/n /Hotel/

Day 3 Jimma -Mizan Teferi

Driving from Jimma to Mizan Teferi 240 kms through the Ethiopia’s indigenous dense forest. The people living in this area are from Kefecho, yem and Bench ethnic groups. This place is famous in coffee, tea and spice growing region from all over the country. Over night hotel.or Camping/

Day 4 Mizan Teferi- Maji

Continue driving further to the west from Mizan Teferi to Maji (193 kms) through Bebeka coffee plantation, the Ethiopias largest old coffee plantation. On the way visit the Menit tribe. After crossing the Akobo River you experience the African Savanna grass land. You will stop at the little town of Dimma for lunch. Continue driving to Maji and have stop over before you arrive at Maji and you will visit the Dizi tribal village. Overnight camping at Maji (altitude 2400 m).

Day 5 Maji

Morning you walk through the beautiful country side for about 3 hours to visit the Dizi tribal village and the spectacular Maji Falls. You Walk back to Maji. The rest of the day you finallize the arrangement of the team for the next trek to Surma Territory. Overnight Camping at Maji

Day 6 Maji-Kibish

This is the day that you start trekking and we will arrange you mules for your personal equipments and for your self also. It takes 8-9 hours. On the way you will visit the Dizi and the Surma people. And you will experience a walk through Savanna grass land. Overnight Camping at Kibish.

Day 7 Kibish

In the morning if there is any Donga (Stick fighting of the Surma people) you will attend it  otherwise you walk around the old kibish village (14kms round trip) for the visit of more of the Surma villages-to visit and appreciate the very attractive culture of Surma tribe, they are renowned for the strange custom followed by their women who, on reaching maturity, have their lower lips slit and circular or rectangular clay discs inserted The rest of the day you finalize the arrangement of the team for the next trek to the next site. O/N Camping at Kibish

Day 8 Kibish-Tulgit

After breakfast you walk with in the Surma territory for about 4-5 hours. The walk will have gentle slope ascending and descending. Upon arrival at Tulgit you will walk for about 40 minute to visit the Surma Village. O/N Camping at Tulgit.

Day 9 Kbish-Mizan

Continue for Mizan, crossing  with the possibilities of spotting many animals, among which different coffee plant, birds, Antelopes, etc. lunch box on the way, dinner and O/N camping or Hotel.

Day 10 Mizan-Jimma

Drive to jimma, admiring on the way different kind of people and lad escape  dinner and O/N hotel/.

Day 11 Jimma-Arbaminch

Proceed for the very interesting view drive Arbaminch on the way crossing Omo river O/N / Hotel/

Day 12 Arbaminch-Jinka

Drive jinka with short stop to visit people of Konso,Tsemay,Bena,and Ari Tribes,which are nice and different for their hairstyle for their hairstyle and way of dressing. O/N/ hotel/

Day 13 Jinka-Mursi-Jinka

Early drive Mursi Villages, the most celebrated residents of south omo. Where you can see their interesting culture like women when age reaches about 20,silt is cut between lower lip and mouth. Over the next year, the gap is progressively stretched until it is large enough for small circular clay plate, so the plate is replaced with the larger one, the process that is repeated until eventually the gap is large enough to hold the clay plate. the larger the lip plate women can wear, the greater her value when she is married. after visit drive back jinka trough Mago National Park. O/n  Goh Hotel/

Day 14 Jinka-Turmi

Drive the region of the very nice Hammer people with unique hairstyle, Cultures, ornaments and traditions. If you are interested to cover the expense, the Hammers traditional dance will be arrange by your guide. And if you luck you will see also the Hammer people marriage ceremony. or we can arrange interesting Hammer Night dancing /Evangadi/ O/n /  Turmi Camping/

Day 15 Turmi-Arbaminch

Drive back Konso via Erbore visiting the marled tribes, which are migrated to their present homeland from Konso perhaps two centuries ago. Because their ancestral and cultural links to konso and the paternalists of the surrounding lowland, they played an important role as middlemen in trade between people omo of river and Konso highlands. On arrival visit Konso village O/n / Hotel/

Day 16 Arbaminch-AddisAbeba

Drive back Addis on the way Climbing Dorze villages. To visit the people, renowned Cotton weavers whose tall beehive-Shaped doweling are among the most distinctive traditional structures to be seen any where in Africa. The unique Dorze houses that make Chencha worth a diversion. These remarkable extended domes measure up to 6m tall and are constructed entirely from organic material. After visit drive continue Addis Ababa. Departure.


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