Day 1 – Addis-BharDar

Early Drive BharDar on the way visit the Blue Nile Gorge and The Amhara People O/n/  Hotel/

Day 2 – Full day Bhairdar

Start visit Tiss-Issat falls. After Lunch half day Boat trip on Lake Tana to visit Ura Kidane Mihret/ Zeghi Peninsula/and Kibran Gebriel/allowed for men only/ Dinner on your hotel O/n/ Hotel/

Day 3 -BharDar-GonDar

After break fast drive to visit GonDar former capital of Ethiopia. be transferred your hotel and start to visit sightseeing of Gondar town including the Castle of King Fassiledes, the open-air Bath, and Debre Berhan Selassie Church .O/n/ Hotel/

Day 4 -Gondar-simen Mountaiun

After break fast visit drive continue simen Mountain Park the road passes over Mountains area of wild beauty, drawing close to the National Park. O/n /Debark Hotel/

Day 5 -Debark-Axum.

After break fast drive Axum on the way visit the chain Mountain. O/n /Hotel/

Day 6 -Full day Axum

The holy city of Ethiopia dating to 2000 years back and the cradle of Ethiopia Civilization with Axumit Kingdom. Morning start visit of Axum which included the Tomb of King Bazen, the pedestals, Museum,/Bath of Queen of Sheba/ the park of Steal, the new and old St.Mary Churches of Zion .Legend has it that the table of the Holy Ark of the Covenant  O/n/ Hotel/

Day 7 – Axum-Mekle

Drive Mekle on the way visit Wukro churches and Negash Mosque .O/n/ Hotel/

Day 8 -Mekle-Lalibela

Early drive Lalibela on the way visit the interesting chain mountain and people. O/n/ Hotel/

Day 9 -Full day Lalibela

Full day visit King Lalibela the eleven Rock-Hewn churches. The village named after the king who initiated the construction of these churches 12th century. O/n/ Hotel/

Day 10 -Lalibela-Kombolcha

Drive Kombolcha On the way visit some of Amhra Region and people. O/n /  Hotel/

Day 11 -Kombolcha-Awash

Drive Awash on the way visit the Nomad Afar people and Village. O/n /  Hotel/

Day 12 -Awash-Harar

Early drive .Awash National Park and start game drive in the park to visit water falls, Awash rivers, Animals like Oryx, Gazelles, Baboons and Birds in the savanna. This place is additional spot next to Rift valley after visit drive continue Harar . / Hotel/

Day 13 -Full day Harar

The day will be spent exploring in to what Harar and its surrounding have to offer. The walled-city, Rimbaud Museum, Hyena feeding. A very colorful Market and Hadere House. / Hotel/

Day 14 -Harar-Langano

Drive back Awash on the way back visit the iterating View and people./  Hotel/

Day 15 – Langano-Arbaminch

Drive  Arbaminch on  the way Climbing Dorze villages and the unique Dorze houses that make Chencha worth a diversion. These remarkable extended domes measure up to 6m tall and are constructed entirely from organic material. After visit dive Arbaminch.

After lunch drive for boat rid on Lake cahmo to enjoy the most spectacular scenery of lake and see the largest crocodile, species which riches until 6-metes. After visit Back to your Hotel.

Day 16 – Arbaminch-Jinka

Drive Jinka with short stop to visit people of Konso, Tsemay,Bena and Ari tribes. Which are nice and different for their hairstyle and way of dressing/ O/n/ Hotel/

Day 17 – Jinka –Mursi

Early drive Mursi Villages, the most celebrated residents of south omo. where you can see their interesting culture like women when age reaches about 20,silt is cut between lower lip and mouth. After visit drive back jinka trough Mago National Park. O/n /  Hotel/

Day 18 -Jinka-Turmi

Drive to Turmi via Key Afer village the region of the very nice Hammer people with unique hairstyle, Cultures, ornaments and traditions. O/n / Turmi Camping/

Day 19 -Turmi-Omo Rate

Drive Dasench Village omo rate to visit the omo river and Geleb people after visit drive back Turmi. O/n / Turmi Camping/

Day 20 -Turmi-Murele

Drive to Murele. Which is situated on the eastern bank of the Omo River. Here the karo people are the best Known for the elaborate body painting they indulge in before important ceremonies. They dab their torsos with white chalk paint, reputedly in imitation of the plumage of the guinea flow. O/n/ Camping Turmi/

Day 21 -Turmi-Konso

Drive back Konso via Erbore visiting the marled tribes, which are migrated to their present homeland from Konso perhaps two centuries ago. Because their ancestral and cultural links to konso and the paternalists of the surrounding lowland, they played an important role as middlemen in trade between people omo of river and Konso highlands. O/n /  Hotel/

Day 22 -Konso-Yabello

Drive Yabello on the way visit Borena people and after non drive Dubluk to visit the singing walls. O/n /Hotel/

Day 23 -Yabello-Awassa

Drive Awassa on the way visit the interesting Green coffee plant and some of traditional villages. O/n /Hotel/

Day 24 -Awassa-Addis Abeba.

After visit fish Markets on Lake Awassa you will drive wondogent this place is the small and green paradise. Hear you can swim in the natural hot water filled pool or take shower in the open roofed natural bath. Wondogent is a nice spot for bird watching and Avery attraction forest. After relax drive continue Addis Aba

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Tour Type: North, South and East Ethiopia
No of Days: 24 Days
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