Day 1: Ertalie
Driving on from here to Afdera, thence to Ertalie, using just the desert tracts, and sandy roads. Evening, after arrival, we can enjoy the active volcano called Erta Alie. Overnight camping (the camping place named Dollo) where we may begin the trek up the mountain, where we spend the entire night, in closer proximity to the volcano. (the walk is 3 hours by foot).

Day 2: Amdella – Dalol – Amedella

(45 minutes/24 kms/). After breakfast, the second drive will be to Dallol depression: the area most often described as ‘otherworldly’, to first-time visitors. An apt description, due to the many unusual changing colours, hot steaming vents, and unearthly terrain in this area; Overnight same Camping