Ethiopian Landscape Tours has a variety of insight fully planned and well-developed tour packages and itineraries to meet the different interests and needs of our esteemed clients. Our tour operators are diligent, meticulous and knowledgeable with years of experience in the travel industry. Our administrative staff and multi-lingual guides are outstanding and reliable with a remarkable potential to perform awesome job. If you happen to request us for a tour, just have a good look at some of our tour packages below. One might inspire you to make your holiday in Ethiopia this year.

Depending on your interest, educational background, experience or philosophy, we also kindly invite you to learn and discover Ethiopia’s Historic Route (Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Mekele, Bahirdar/ Lake Tana/Island Monasteries/ Blue Nile Falls and Harar); or to encounter the diverse authentic tribes of the Omo Valley (Konso, Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Dasenech, Surma,etc); or to explore the awe-inspiring salt desert of the Afar Triangle as well as to be marveled at the wonders of the remote rock-hewn churches in the Tigray Region with marvelous scenery; or even to trek in the spectacular massifs of the Simien Mountains National Park or in the tranquil green and lush Bale Mountains National Park; or to enjoy Abyssinian birding in the Rift Valley and in the southern and southeastern Ethiopia; or to get away in Africa’s true wilderness in the Omo and Mago National Parks. Besides, we are continuously researching and field studying to explore Ethiopia’s wild frontiers and other activity tours. Consequently, we have recently developed Reality Tourism in Cities and Villages, the Ark of the Covenant Tour, Archaeological Tour and Agro Safaris, which can be presented to clients up on request.

When you make your request for a tour, be certain that we reply your request within a few hours as our operators are available all round the clock to satisfy your every travel requirements, paying due attention to the smallest details.

Our tours can also be tailor-made. Moreover, we have designed Special Interest Tours, which can be modified as per the requirements of clients. You may contact us when the need arises, stating your interest and needs. This will be handled on one-on-one discussion to be followed by detailed destinations, activities, price and inclusions that would entirely satisfy our highly regarded clients. Any activity you may wish to conduct in Ethiopia that requires logistic support such as photography and filming as well as other high caliber expedition trips and/or ground operation and transportation, just contact Noble Conference and Tours – your prime specialist!